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Brighter Futures Start with Coffee: Babes Host Table at Laura's House Luncheon

On Friday, April 28, Babes with Coffee will host a table for the Brighter Futures luncheon hosted by Laura's House at the Balboa Bay Resort.

The event promises to be a beautiful gathering highlighting the vital work that is being done in our community to assist survivors of domestic violence. The event will feature a reception, luncheon, keynote speaker and exclusive opportunity drawing. 

Babes with Coffee will be decorating a table, which comes complete with swag and the chance to meet the Chief Executive Babe who has her own stories to share about domestic violence.

Interested in being a part of this event? Buy a ticket here. Then forward a copy of your ticket here, and we'll include you at our table.

What You Get:

  • Free coffee samples
  • Free grey coffee babe cap
  • Babes with Coffee Chapstick
  • Education on domestic violence and lunch!

Be part of Brighter Futures and help the fight to end domestic violence.