babes with coffee helps survivors.

Babes with Coffee is a media company with heart and soul that is reclaiming what the word babe means. The quintessential "Coffee Babe" cares deeply about her fellow womankind and is so much more than her looks—she is strong, intelligent, raw, open, and real. Through our content, products, and community, we empower babes to be a force for positive change and improve how women view themselves in today’s world. We inspire, connect, and entertain real babes who seek meaningful connections over coffee, and we encourage babes to find joy and healing in everything from their daily cup of joe to a beautiful sunset. 

The idea for Babes with Coffee came from an energetic kitchen brainstorming session when Jackie Clark and Michelle Hadley lived together during their time at Chapman University—Jackie an undergraduate student studying journalism and battling an eating disorder and Michelle a post-grad MBA who had just lost everything in an abusive relationship and was working full-time while going to school. An unlikely pair, the bubbly blonde and nerdy brunette bonded over their shared passion for coffee and dreamt of a company that would build women up through these shared connections. And although life got in the way of pursuing this dream, Jackie launched the Instagram handle @babeswithcoffee in April 2016, garnering a cult-following with coffee-loving babes.

Finally, in late 2016, Jackie and Michelle reconnected and officially launched the blog and media company. Their shared passion for helping other women and their personal experiences as survivors made the choice to donate 5% of Babe’s proceeds to causes that were close to their hearts an easy one. Today, 2.5% of proceeds go to Laura's House to support survivors of domestic violence and the other half goes to Project Heal to support healing from eating disorders.

We're here for you, babes.