Jac Clark

Chief Social Babe

23. Chapman Grad. Coffee Connoisseur. 

         Babes with Coffee is about using coffee to bring women together.

In the age of social media, it wasn’t hard for me to connect with other girls who share my love for a good latte. Even better, was that they were documenting their caffeine-filled experiences and tagging the locations so I could experience them too!

I created the platform so that everyone can witness these ladies' coffee adventures and hopefully be inspired to partake in their own. Babes with Coffee is not just about showcasing cute girls with coffee, but it is about promoting female connection and empowerment through a common caffeine-filled love.

As someone who has battled an eating disorder, I know how important it is to support the organizations that aid women who face challenges. I watched too many women be cut off or turned away from treatment because there was not enough financial support to help them.

My main focus is launching Babes own brand of coffee products! I am very passionate about donating proceeds towards charity's that seek to aid women's causes.

My hope is that Babes will help bring awareness and funding to these organizations.

To everyone who has shared their passion for coffee with me, you have made my caffeine dreams a reality...thank you for all being my BABES:) 

Lots of love,


Michelle Hadley

Chief Executive Babe

31. Chapman MBA Grad. Coffee addict.

Babes with Coffee is my source of healing and self-discovery after trauma.

It's difficult to describe what life is like after escaping an abusive relationship, being framed for a crime, and spending three months in jail. Suffice it to say, it isn't easy. But Babes with Coffee and my fav babe, Jackie Clark, give me a reason to smile each and every day. 

So here I am, a part of something that speaks to me in a very important way: I'm a coffee addict whose first concern as I was heading to county jail (after being framed for a crime...seriously, you can't make this stuff up!) was, Is there coffee in this joint? And since I've survived an abusive relationship, I understand just how critical it is to support survivors of domestic violence. 

I'm the behind-the-scenes babe--the goofy, geeky one with the brain for business. My glasses only come out at night, but when they do, I can be found building our financial models in spreadsheets, drinking a glass of red wine, and watching The Night Manager. By day, I do lots of self-care activities, most of which include hiking, beach days, and books!

I love our Instagram feed, but I let Jackie handle that. She is, after all, the Chief Social Babe, and her Insta game is way better than mine. If you want to find out more about my adventures moving to New York City, read Little Babe in the Big City.

I hope that Babes with Coffee brings women together because we're stronger when we're a team. To all our babes everywhere, we can't thank you enough for your support.