We Can Work From Home


When I got offered a position that allowed me to work my dream job at an awesome company AND do it from the comfort of my own home, I jumped at it. FINALLY, I was going to have a position that I actually enjoyed and wear pajamas while doing it. Does it get any better?!

I quickly learned that despite the perks, the quality joe being my fave, their are also some challenges. If you’re an easily distracted extrovert you might even find yourself in the middle of a work day, organizing your vanity, adding stuff to your ever growing ASOS shopping cart, calling friends you haven’t spoken to since college, or offering to plan your Mother's 60th birthday party. Not speaking from experience, just giving a highly probable example...  

Okay so I’m talking from experience. Sue me. But after many failed attempts to stay focused and one or more meltdowns, I finally found a workflow that has kept me on task and best of all, happy. So here I am to share with you all (hi mom) my five keys to successfully working from home. I hope some of these will spare you from the side effects of working from home, which include but are not limited to; obsessive cleaning episodes, shopping sprees and emotional breakdowns.

  1. Set up a space to work ~  Establish a place in your home as your office. It doesn’t actually have to be an office (speaking for those of us living in a one bedroom apartment) but just a space to call your work zone. A desk, the kitchen table, the vanity in your bedroom, wherever! It was so important for me to establish an area as my work space so that when I needed to, I could walk away from it and turn it off. And trust me, you’ll need to.

  2. Establish a routine ~ Yikes, this is a hard one, especially when the temptation to sleep in until the last second takes over. Ultimately I have found that my most productive and stress free work days happen when I stick to my routine. MOST DAYS, I wake up, get ready, take a 15 minute walk, make myself some coffee and breakfast and then sit down to check my emails. Simple, quick and to the point. (I feel even better when I make it to one of the three morning yoga sessions i’ve committed too, but hey, baby steps!)

  3. Take 15 minute breaks ~ I make it a point to get out of my apartment every few hours, because if not, I will literally lose it. I usually close my laptop, silence my notifications, turn on some music and walk down to the beach. This way I get a quick breather and some exercise! Plus it's nice to remind myself that their are humans around.  

  4. Work from a coffee shop ~ This one may seem like a no brainer for someone who loves coffee as much as I do, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in my work that leaving the comfort of my own wifi seems to overwhelming. However, when I do work from a coffee shop, I find that I am more productive and happy to be around other people doing the same thing. I highly recommend doing your research to see what’s around you!

  5. Make plans ~ Not being in an office environment was a lot harder for me than I expected. At my previous company I had no choice but to be social with the people I worked with and in turn, I ended up becoming really close with them. Without that face-to-face interaction I found myself feeling pretty lonely . Making plans with my friends outside of my work schedule helped me feel less isolated and more connected! 

Well, there you have it, my five tips for not completely losing your sanity while working from home. Working from home is definitely not for everyone but I hope these helped any of you making the transition!

With love,


PS ~ if you're working from home you are 100% singing this song everyday... It's not just me, right?