The Tea Takeover

Change is inevitable: styles change, friends change, relationships come and go, but coffee is forever, right?

Let’s talk tea.

Living in California where people are addicted to healthy choices at an almost unhealthy level, I find myself faced with the question that all young millennials seem to ask themselves around meal times, “Should I go healthy or be bad today?”

With vegan choices sweeping the state, it makes it quite difficult to be my bad self. And by “bad,” I mean giving into that dairy-filled, non-gluten free pasta bad.

But hey, there’s a price to pay for a toned figure and a healthy gut and sometimes going green is that price.

With that being said, there is one trend that I refuse to give into, no matter the health benefits.

You guessed it - the tea trend.

While I can appreciate a good cup of tea, I cannot appreciate the tea take over that is happening in LA.

The other day I walked into a coffee shop where the barista broke my heart. I was so looking forward to that 3 pm pick me up when I approached the register only to find out that this “coffee shop” does not serve coffee.

As the woman explained to me, “The tea we serve has the same effect as coffee minus the unhealthy benefits.” At this point, I couldn’t help but wonder, Was she trying to ruin my day?

Fast forward two weeks later, I see that very same “coffee shop” expanding and taking over the lease of my favorite Santa Monica cafe. At that point, my legs had taken control of my brain, and I was sprinting towards the construction site. Arriving broken-hearted and out of breath, I looked one of the construction workers right in the eyes. Without saying one word, he looked back at me and said, “I know, the tea is taking over.”

Let this be a plea to all “coffee shops” only serving tea. Just call it what it is, totally tea.