It’s All About Alfred

 Photo Credit :  @alfred

Photo Credit : @alfred

C-O-F-F-E-E, that six letter word that keeps the pep in your step and your metabolism going. Over the years, my relationship with coffee has been the most stable relationship I’ve had yet. Nothing beats the feeling of strutting with confidence into your favorite coffee shop, spotting your go-to barista, and exchanging that look, the look that says, “I know what you need, and it’s coming right up!” This is a moment that all Babes with Coffee must experience.

To shed light on THE coffee shop that gets me going, literally and figuratively, I would like to give a warm welcome to Alfreds.

Alfred's Coffee House—where the scene is just as trendy as the coffee itself.

This must-see spot is the talk of the town in Los Angeles, California. Its versatile ambiance takes it from the perfect place to have that first Hinge date all the way to the desired location to capture that “HIRE ME” Linkedin photo.

Need I say more?

Practicing restraint has never been my strong suit. Especially when it comes to that $7 latte. That $7 quickly progresses into a $35 a week love affair. What can I say? You can’t put a price on love. It’s all about that moment, the moment  you break through the foam and experience that first sip, the kind of sip that makes you want to start up a conversation and leave with a new friend. If Red Bull gives you wings than this latte gives you a halo to match.

Let this be a warning to any and all business owners looking to open a coffee shop between the vicinity of Melrose Place and Alfred Street, you can’t mess with the best.




  Katie Rosenthal  //  Age:  24 //  Occupation : Writer //  Favorite Drink : Hazelnut Iced Coffee

Katie Rosenthal // Age: 24 // Occupation: Writer // Favorite Drink: Hazelnut Iced Coffee

 Photo Credit :  @alfred

Photo Credit : @alfred