How to Get Your Coffee Fix on Your Next Adventure

by Allie Dykstra of Adventures after Coffee


Just because you’re a traveling babe does NOT mean you have to compromise your love of coffee! Coffee often enhances my travel experience. Whether it's wandering around a new city and trying a local hot spot or curling up with a warm cup by a campfire, there’s always a way to enjoy coffee while adventuring. Here are my tips on how to stay caffeinated while traveling.


Best types of coffee to bring when: 

Visiting a friend:

Be a good (no, GREAT) guest and bring along a little hostess gift. Nothing says “thank you for tolerating me for taking over your living space” than a fresh bag of coffee for the two of you to enjoy! It is a nice gesture, PLUS you get to ensure you’re drinking quality coffee all trip long. Your host not a coffee drinker? Bring them a beverage of their choice AND bring some coffee to brew for yourself. Just because they prefer waking up with a cup of tea doesn’t mean you need to go without your cup of joe.


I cannot live without cold brew on a road trip. Something about being cooped up in a car for long periods of time has me craving something cold and refreshing. If you can’t stop at a Starbucks drive through, most gas stations actually have a good selection of cold coffee beverages to quench your thirst.


Camping, hiking, or traveling to any spot off the beaten path: 

There is nothing I look forward to more while camping other than a fresh cup of camp coffee in the morning. It can feel like such an indulgence after a long trip of roughing it! Typically, you’ll have access to hot water, so my recommendation is to bring instant coffee packs. All you have to do is heat up water over your campfire or stove and add the pack of instant coffee to your mug, stir, and voila! Starbucks a la campfire. While there are many instant coffee brands out there, I prefer Starbucks VIA Pike Place Roast. I always keep a couple little packs with me while know...just in case!


Exploring a new city: 

Absolutely none. Cities are PACKED with cute coffee shops — each with a unique, different vibe from the rest, and a great way to experience the city like a local.  The thing I struggle with the most is fitting them all in without a caffeine overdose. To find the coolest shops, I always turn to Yelp (duh),  Pinterest (example search - “Coolest coffee shops in Seattle) OR using Instagram hashtags like #seattlecoffeescene to browse for a vibe that catches your eye. 

About the Author: 

Allie is an avid adventurer based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Passionate about all things coffee, travel & the outdoors -- she runs an adventure blog (Adventures After Coffee) hoping to bring inspiration to those working full time jobs but looking to pursue their wanderlust.