Meet the Babe behind Our GIMME COFFEE Candle


Lauren Lowe, owner of The Burlap Bag and maker behind our GIMME COFFEE candle, is a Texas-based Babe and femmepreneur. She gives us a peek into her life as a candlemaker, business owner, and mom.

When did you start The Burlap Bag, and what inspired it?

We started The Burlap Bag in 2011 as just a retail shop - mainly because we didn't want "normal" jobs! We found artists we loved on etsy and carried only handmade items in the shop. 7 years later, it's still going! We started making candles in 2012ish when we had a need for candles in the shop. We started making quirky named ones because we like to laugh - people loved them, stores started asking if we could sell to them wholesale, and the candle business took off without our really meaning it to!  

How did you learn how to make candles?

The internet, plus a TON of trial and error! It took a lot of work to find our "perfect recipe". 

We admire you so much—you’re living our dream life! How did you turn this dream into a full-time job?

See question 1 :) I kinda combo'ed the two


What are the challenges of being a entrepreneur? What do you love about it?

There's no job security, no paid time off, no sick days. We work long hours. But we love the freedom of doing what we choose and are passionate about. We get to help hundreds of artists do what THEY love. (and also make yummy smelling candles, hooray!) 

Tell us about the coffee candle! What inspired the scent? What do you think our babes will love about it?

We knew we wanted a coffee candle that wasn't a straight coffee bean smell - it needed to have just a touch of sweetness to it! Everyone who smells it absolutely loves it. It'll make you crave more coffee! 

What makes your candles different? Why soy?

Our bigger size has a 70+ hour burn time, which is super long for a 9oz, $16 candle! The soy is better for the earth than a "regular" candle - regular ones are made from parrafin - which is the same stuff petroleum is made of. The soy is a renewable resource and grown right here in the US, all naturally. 

We noticed a Shiplap candle. I happen to be a massive Gaines fan girl. Have you met JoJo?

YES! We've sold our candles at 3 different Magnolia events - and we made Chip a "Chip Farts" candle, HA! She's bought a couple of our candles too at the events. 

 Lauren Lowe with Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper

Lauren Lowe with Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper

We were stalking your Instagram and saw your adorable kids. How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Balance? What's that? :) it's hard. We work hard hours - currently my one year old is napping and my four year old is loudly singing while doing a puzzle. I do work during nap time and then also when they go to bed. But I know it's worth it when they can have all their needs provided, and hopefully in the future have some successful businesses that they can join (if they want!) 

When you think of a coffee babe, what comes to mind?

Someone who loves/wants/NEEDS her daily coffee. Mine hasta be sweet and iced - because TEXAS.