Back to the Basics

Dear Babes,

You’ve probably begun to notice a lot happening on our Instagram and here on the blog. Over the last few weeks, we redesigned our website practically overnight, added new sections and content to our blog, and soft launched a whole slew of new products. We also (gasp!) stopped selling coffee, shifted the focus of our site to babe-worthy content, and exited the event business.

boho babe coffee

boho babe coffee

our foray into coffee with a rich, medium roast that had notes of plum, maple syrup, and caco


All of which leads to the purpose of this note to you. I wanted to take a moment to explain to all of you exactly where we’re headed and why because I’m a big believer in business transparency. Besides, how often does a startup give you an inside peek at the messy journey of transforming a treasured dream into a legitimate, successful business like the Glossiers and The Honest Companies of the world? And yes, our dreams are that big and bold.

But we know we can’t get there without you, and for that reason, we’re returning to our roots—reclaiming the word babe in a fun, bold way and connecting with women through a shared love of coffee. We exited the coffee bean business because, well, it’s expensive and complex. It takes time away from focusing on you, on great content, and even on the coffee shops we feature. We launched Bookbean, a women’s book club that encourages you to launch a local babes-sponsored community for you and your babes to share ideas and give back. I’ll be launching the founding chapter of Bookbean here in New York City, and you can bet I’ll be sharing that experience with you. I added my own mark to the blog with my new section, Little Babe in the Big City, and we’re writing more coffee shop features than ever before. We’ve revamped our product offering with custom designs and unique treasures from around the country and, soon, around the globe. We’re paying attention to where our products come from and who makes them because we want you to feel good about supporting babes—not just because we donate to good causes but because we support ethical sourcing practices and women-owned and –operated businesses.

Gimme Coffee


4 oz candle 

The Burlap Bag

the intern

Hayley O Connor

And there’s more to come. More products are in the works. We’re adding another section to our blog, How to Be a Babe, that will feature valuable advice about living your best life while you enjoy amazing coffee. We’ll also start to feature the artisans and artists who make the amazing products on our site because so many of them are inspirational—the woman who makes our GIMME COFFEE candle is living my dream life! We hired a SoCal artist babe to create an animated short on the semi-fantastical origin story of Babes with Coffee (stay tuned!).

To help make these dreams a reality, we have a lovely new intern—and all around amazing babe!—who recently joined our team, Hayley O’ Connor. We couldn’t do all of this without her help. Jackie and I both work full time, and this labor of love is relegated to weekends. Without Hayley, we wouldn’t be able to engage with you more, create more content, and make Babes as amazing as it is and will continue to be.

You’re part of this journey, and we want to hear more from you. You’ll start to see more opportunities to reach out to us woven throughout our site. At the bottom of this letter, I’m inviting you to give us general feedback on some of what we’re doing in a brief survey. Help out your fellow babes and female hustlers by taking the survey!

I’ve never been so excited to talk to you, babes, and I know we’re going to do amazing things together. I hope you’ll stay engaged with us throughout this wild journey. Nous vous aimons.





Chief Executive Babe

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