Be Ernest About Good Coffee

When you think of Palm Springs, you probably envision an oasis of mid-century modern architecture, trendy eateries, pools and spas, and of course, the ever-notorious music festivals. It is less likely, however, that you would associate Palm Springs with an artisanally brewed cup of coffee…I mean, come on, coffee in the desert? Not the ideal pairing.

But for the babes as obsessed with a good brew as me, it is critically important to have access to quality caffeine, no matter the locale. That is why, during a spa getaway weekend spent at La Quinta Resort and Spa, I took it upon myself to find the diamond in the rough among desert coffee beans.

Lucky for me, I stumbled upon Ernest Coffee. Ernest is a truly unique coffee shop that offers premium Stumptown coffee selections for its patrons. The cafe serves as an extension of the notorious Don The Beachcombers Tiki bar opened by Ernest Grantt in 1953. Bootlegger Tiki still occupies the space behind Ernest, allowing customers to wander in for small bites and exceptional cocktails. Because they are sistered with the Tiki bar, Ernest prompts you for your I.D. as soon as you enter the building, which I must admit was an unusual request from a coffee shop barista.

But once I made it past my barista-bouncer, I reached the important part of my quest--THE COFFEE. Being that it was well over 100 degrees in Palm Springs that weekend, I was in no mood for my usual HOT Americano. Instead, I opted to keep it simple and sample their regular brewed iced coffee while my best friend went for their cold brew.

And WOW, what can I say? Both drinks knocked it out of the park.  The coffee was smooth, rich and refreshing, offering me the reboot I needed after a day spent walking around in the heat. Too often, I find “trendy” coffee shops offer everything you would want in a small cafe… except for really good coffee. I can confidently say that was not the case with Ernest as they embodied the aesthetic and craft of a truly authentic coffee shop.

So my advice for you if you are heading out to the desert? STOP AT ERNEST! It is the perfect place to get quality coffee that satisfies your caffeine needs.

P.S.: If you are a barista, you can sign up for their Latte Art Throwdown Event happening July 16th! This is Coachella Valley’s first ever latte art competition. The winner will receive a $500 cash prize plus a free night at Arrive Palm Springs. Check it out here!

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