Meet June's Boss Babe

Say hello to our June Babe; mother, cancer survivor, entrepreneur and ultimate BOSS BABE, Pamela Schein Murphy. Pamela is Founder + Editorial Director of The Select 7, a lifestyle blog that offers it readers an exclusive look into the world of fashion, food and culture by featuring articles written by activists, feminists and many more inspirational people. 

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview Pamela and gain insight into her journey. Pamelas is a woman who has followed her passions no matter what obstacles life has tossed her way. She encapsulates the strength, beauty and determination that I aspire to. I hope you enjoy reading about Pamela as much as I enjoyed learning about her! 

Can you tell me a little bit about how you got your start working in print media? 

I was a terrible student in high school (I mean, really terrible), but I hit my stride in college. I studied English (like all good Liberal Arts students), and when I graduated, I wasn’t ready to be done with school. So I looked into grad school and thought I’d go for Communications, but then I saw that NYU School of Journalism offered a Master’s Degree specifically in Magazine Journalism, and that spoke to me. I knew I would never be a hard-hitting reporter, but there was something incredibly appealing about telling true stories in a more creative way. During school and after I graduated I started working in the field, first at Fitness magazine, then Mirabella, Elle and Glamour and before i knew it, I had launched my own magazine called Madison. We published from 1998-2001 and those were some of the best years ever. 

What inspired you to launch The Select 7?

When I left the magazine world, I had a hard time landing a new career. I worked with a book agent, did some movie production and then my husband and I opened a restaurant together and had a baby, so I put everything else on the back burner and went to work as the Head of Branding + Marketing for our restaurant group. It was great because I was able to put my skillset to use in each of those jobs — I’m good at putting pieces together, editing them and making them sound and look good. But then about 2 years ago I was put in charge of curating a trip to Paris for a friend’s birthday, because I am the Queen of Research. At dinner on our last night, one of my girlfriends said she was so impressed with the way I had put the trip together that she wanted me to start a blog so that I could share my recommendations with everyone. At the time I really didn’t really understand what a blog was —  I sort of thought it was just an angry person sitting behind a computer complaining about stuff in an uninspired, undesigned space on the Internet. So I said no way. Next thing I knew, they were having the same conversation with my then 12-year-old daughter and she said, Why don’t you start a website? A website? OK - now we were talking! Something I could design, dig into, make interesting. A month later, on Mother’s Day, my daughter handed me a card with the url and told me she had started it for me. I was blown away. And so The Select 7 was born. Originally it really was a glorified blog (and I was wrong about blogs, btw) where I just put all of my recommendations for the 7 verticals, but that only lasted about 6 months before I ran out of interesting things to say, so I revamped and made the site what it is today, focusing on one interesting person over the course of a week.

What has been your favorite aspect of running the site? 

Connecting with super cool and interesting people and also really seeing how we are all connected to one another. And I love putting all of the pieces together. It’s like publishing a magazine every day.

What are your hopes and dreams for the website? 

I mean, the ideal would be for someone to come in and invest a ton of money to make us huge, but for now i’m really happy shining the spotlight on all of these amazing people.

What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

I didn’t choose a straight path, and so it’s been a bit challenging to connect the dots, but I think everything I’ve done has really led me to where I am now.

How do feel your battle with breast cancer impacted your career? 

I think whenever you fight any kind of illness, you come out of it feeling powerful. My cancer definitely made things feel not so serious. At the end of the day, you need to be happy and if you’re lucky enough to wake up every day, you should damn well be spending your time doing something you love.

What advice would you give your 25 year old self? 

Do more. I think at 25 I was so focused on the future that I didn’t take the time to see the world, and I regret that. 

What would you define as a “Babe with Coffee” ? 

Coffee is life as far as I’m concerned, and it’s something that connects us all. I mean, meeting for coffee is the only thing that everyone at every age can do at any time of day, right? So if you’re a Babe with Coffee, you’re getting it done, all day every day.

 Photo by Rachel Kuzma

Photo by Rachel Kuzma

 Pamelas favorite NYC coffee shop - Haven's Kitchen.  Go to order  - Winter: Americano with 3 shots and not too much water. Spring, Summer + Fall: Iced Redeye with a splash of almond milk.  Photo by @havenskitchen

Pamelas favorite NYC coffee shop - Haven's Kitchen. Go to order - Winter: Americano with 3 shots and not too much water. Spring, Summer + Fall: Iced Redeye with a splash of almond milk.

Photo by @havenskitchen

 Photo by Rachel Kuzma

Photo by Rachel Kuzma

 Photo by Rachel Kuzma

Photo by Rachel Kuzma