Find Love With Our February Babe

"The longest relationship you’ll have is with yourself.  Life is too damn short to not love the body you’re living in!"

Meet Nikki, our fetching February babe! Living in Los Angeles, the newly turned 24-year old, works as both a curve model and graphic designer. Not only is this beauty fearless in pursuing her passions but she is also a huge advocate of self-love and body positivity. Living in Los Angeles, arguably one of the most image conscious cities in the world, Nikki stands apart from the crowd by boasting self confidence and LOVE for the skin she is in.  Being around Nikki, you cant help but be moved by her kindness and body positivity.

I loved getting to know Nikki and was inspired by her stance on self image. With VDAY only one day away, we can look to Nikki as a reminder of one of the most important relationships one can pursue - the one with ourselves.

Learn more about this Babe by reading below! 

Describe yourself in three song titles:

  1. Again-- Fetty Wap

  2. Intro-- The XX

  3. No Scrubs -- TLC

One thing I love is that you are very body positive. Have you always been this way?

Thank you!! I have definitely always loved my body since I was a kid. I was always running around naked and confident in my own skin. I knew I was different than all my friends but never wanted to change my body to be like there’s. Our bodies are our temples and our vessels- it allows us to be who we are everyday and that in and of itself, I think is amazing.

Do you think social media helps/hurts female body image?

I think recently, with these body positive movements all over social media, it’s been an amazing platform for women. More sizes are being portrayed and with that beauty is being seen in all shapes and sizes.

Who is your biggest female role model and why?

I currently have a few that have really helped me with accepting myself + my beautiful body: Iskra, Ashley Graham, and Candice Huffine. They are all plus size models that are changing the industry daily and it’s so inspiring to follow along and be apart of.

What inspired you to pursue modeling?

I’ve always had people telling me to start modeling and that I was perfect for curve modeling. Not being shy of the camera was definitely a plus. I think that women are owning this world right now and it’s too exciting to not be a part of it!

What advice would you give to girls who struggle with body image?

The longest relationship you’ll have is with yourself.  Life is too damn short to not love the body you’re living in! Treat it well and tell yourself you’re beautiful everyday and that your body is going to help you change the world.

Tell me about your work in graphic design!

I was in college when I found out about the opportunity to study graphic design and pursue it as a degree. I knew I always loved books and the way billboards could grab your attention but I didn’t know that I could do that for a living. What is there not to love about graphic design?! Can you imagine a world without it? Believe it or not our society would not be able to function without it. It's beautiful to be able to create something that people can see and appreciate everyday.

What is your ultimate goal/dream for the future?

To be happy. To make people happy. To inspire people and make them excited about life.

What would you define as a “Babe with Coffee” ?

A boss AF babe who knows that a little coffee can go a long way… in saving the world of course.