Rachael's Radiant Coffee Adventures


Imagine you wake up every week in a new city and each day you are greeted by an unknown adventure in this completely foreign place. One day you may be hiking The Great Wall and they next you may be enjoying a fine cabernet under the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower.  For some, this is the ultimate dream but for 25 year old Rachael Rogers this dream is her reality.

Rachael works as an account manager and is lucky enough to be sent all over the world for her job. Along with working her dream job, she also teaches yoga part-time and has a passion for running her social account where she shares her travels with her 28.6K + followers.

We had so much fun getting to know Rachael and we hope you do too! Read her Q&A below!

First order of business , tell us your go-to coffee order!

My go-to coffee order changes pretty regularly, but I have recently been loving a good Red-Eye (drip coffee with a shot of espresso)!

Have you always loved to travel? How did you catch the bug?


I am a huge book nerd and grew up devouring books about far away places. I spent many a summer day imagining myself in those pages; riding camels in Jordan, floating down the Amazon, watching the Eiffel tower sparkle at night, and sprinting along the Great Wall of China!  Now, as a adult with a job that allows me to travel a good bit, I snatch every opportunity possible to see the places I have always dreamed of.

What inspired you to start an instagram dedicated to your travels?

I love photos and have had my instagram for 7 years or so, so it's kind of just evolved into a travel account! It's so fun to scope pretty places in new cities, packing my days off with sights and then sharing photos with my followers!

What has been your favorite place that you have traveled to/why?

As cliche as this sounds, Paris is breathtaking and completely stole my heart. There is a reason so many books and movies are written about Paris, it's truly magical. Runner-up would be The Cinque Terre in Italy, with my favorite town being Vernazza :)

What are you top 3 coffee shops IN THE WORLD:

1. Lauderee in Paris, on the Champs Elysees. How could you pass up the loveliest pink palace of a macaron shop that ALSO has cappuccinos that are out of this world?

2. Bluestone Lane in Greenwich, NYC. Order either their Golden Milk Latte (with turmeric) or their Beet Root Latte with the Brekkie Board and your life will be changed. Also, everything there is the definition of instagrammable.

3. ARVO in Honololu, Hawaii. This little shop is half botany, half coffee and 100% incredible. You can browse the exotic plants on sale or handmade hawaiian leis while they make you a Tide Dye latte (colored naturally), some of the prettiest latte art I've seen! If you're snackish as well, their chia seed bowl with homemade matcha whip is delectable.

What would you give to other young women who want to travel full-time?


I would give other young women who want to travel (either full-time or part-time) the knowledge that the world is adapting to the travel movement, and it's easier than you think! Whatever your obstacle (limited time, limited money, no travel partners), there are ways to overcome those and still see the world. You can travel cheaply, you can pack in seeing places in short periods of time while actually soaking in the culture, and you can travel alone and have a blast! I would invite them to just start to dream. Bookmark those articles, save the instagram photos, follow a travel hashtag or two and let your heart start to connect with faraway places. Once you have made up your mind to go and your heart is committed, logistics can be worked out.

What has been your favorite thing about running your instagram account?

Honestly, the creative outlet is amazing. I try to stay authentic with what I post, not putting stock in the algorithm and growing it, but just continuing my photo diary of this phase of my life. If you're following me and are enjoying the ride, welcome! If you aren't, no problem. I'm excited to have this photo story for myself and my kids one day.

In your words, what/who is a babe with coffee?

Any woman who loves coffee or frequents coffee shops is a babe with coffee! We're all babes, so the question is, do you brew? :)