Viva Caffeine

A Sip Around The World: Maya Takes Italy

I had the awesome opportunity to visit Rome and Florence this summer: the word “beautiful” is an understatement in describing these cities.  The culture, architecture, and people are full of history and beauty.

For me, the best part of my Italian adventure was hands down the food and, of course, THE COFFEE.  It's no surprise that the pizza, pasta and bread are amazing at just about every osteria, caffè, trattoria, and ristorante you visit. This is the land of carbs, after all.

The gelato is equally as good and even easier to find!  You can walk down almost any street to find a gelato caffè or cart around the corner. Along with gelato are endless coffee choices at every restaurant, bakery, and caffè.  

Coffee is a staple in Italy and tastes especially great with creamy gelato. Italy is well known as the birthplace of coffee culture. Take words such as cappuccino, espresso, latte, macchiato; now envision Don Corleone saying them to you with a mafia-esque flare. Now that’s a coffee order we would not refuse.

Drinking coffee in Italy is like drinking water. It is deeply embedded in their culture. So, to avoid being labeled as the “silly american”, I would suggest that you hold off on asking for a double shot frap with no whip. I am telling you in advance: they do not have it. Traditional coffee orders in Italy are limited to un caffè, un caffè Americano (basically, the Italian version of a black coffee), un caffè macchiato, un caffè latte, and un cappuccino--and be sure to nail the sound on that double p and double c in this word, followed by a courteous "per piacere." 

I began every morning with un cappuccino and une brioche con cioccolata (a yummy chocolate covered croissant). This is the customary breakfast in Italy as most Italians aren’t really into eating a big breakfast. As they say, when in Rome, right?  

Their lattes are delicious; brimming with foam, flavor, and intense shots of espresso. Do note that drinking any milk mixed coffee concoctions is only a morning-time ritual. Italians do not typically enjoy lattes after 11am. They are also a lot smaller than our traditional venti americanos, but trust me, one is all you need!

  Italian Cappuccino

Italian Cappuccino

My trip to Italy was truly a caffeine, carb filled dream. Eating and drinking your way through Italy is really the only way to experience the culture in its fullest most delicious essence. For any babes who find themselves traveling to Italy, I would suggest fully immersing yourself in the culture, history, and most importantly, the coffee.