Connect and Conserve at AoSA Coffee

Want to learn more? Check out our Q&A with AoSA’s Director of Social/Coffee Chris McColl!  

"It is through our coffee shop that we want to connect with the people of Huntington and those who enjoy this great place. Each cup of coffee is an expression of our outreach to you and the community that we love” - Chris 
  Owner Michael Hill (left) & Social/Coffee Director Chris McColl (right) 

Owner Michael Hill (left) & Social/Coffee Director Chris McColl (right) 

What is the meaning behind the name AoSA?

The direct translation is "the Art of Sustainable Action". These four words represent one of our primary mission statements, along with having an eco-friendly mindset and upholding the high standards of being a B Corporation.

Can you elaborate more about your mission statement?

AoSA is here for two very important reasons: our community and our environment. We strongly believe the two stand equal. The wellness of our relationships are just as important as the health of our environment. With this, we strive to have great friendships here at AoSA, amongst ourselves and with the people we serve.

What has been the most memorable event you have hosted ?

I can already tell that will be the upcoming performance of "Flight", presented by the Bossy Flyers. It's something that's never been done here before. Most recently, however, we hosted a show for James Lanman, a phenomenal acoustic artist (check him out on spotify !) and we had a VIP dinner to follow. It had this MTV-Unplugged vibe that was perfect for our intimate space.

What would you say your most popular coffee beverage is ? Most unique ? What is your favorite ?

I tend to serve a lot of dirty chai lattes and cappuccinos. Our chai is all organic, and balances perfectly with our espresso. Most unique ? our Blueberry Matcha latte - it's reminiscent of biting into a fresh blueberry muffin. As for myself, you'll rarely catch me without a mug in hand, sipping on some kind of pour over.

What is the most rewarding aspect of running AoSA ?

Well, co-running would be more accurate, but for me it's simply exciting - we are always improving as a team and looking for new and exciting ways to help educate and please our guests' palates - that's hospitality at its' finest.

What would you define as a "babe with coffee" ?

At a glance I think it's easy to assume it's a beautiful woman with coffee, but you've shown it can be so much more than that, which is refreshing. Being kind, helpful, thoughtful...the list goes on, and that is what makes 'babe' such an empowering word.

As an environmental scientist and a newcomer to the Huntington area, I was instantly captivated by AoSA Coffee's concern for the conservation of the earth…

A variety of succulents line the front of the shop while reclaimed wooden tables and recycled tree stumps offer a place to sit comfortably.  Inside, art from a variety of recycled materials hangs boldly on the walls, shelves of books wait to be read, and natural lighting further creates an inviting space to meet, connect, express, and of course savour a delicious cup of joe.

AoSA is not simply a coffee shop; rather, it is a space that serves as a connection to our local community and the environment. AoSA began as a print and fabrication company dedicated to decreasing waste in the sign and display industry.

Owner Michael Hill’s desire to further impact and connect his community, led to the building of AoSA’s cozy coffee shop, which is placed at the front of the 10,000 square foot imaging warehouse.