Be Seen with our April Babe, Ally

Meet our April Babe, Ally!

Give us five words that describe you! READY…. SET…. GO!

Compassionate, resilient, intuitive, humorous and kind


Tell us a little bit about you and your story...

Where shall I begin?

Currently the aspect of myself that I place most value in is my dedication to my recovery from anorexia.

Five years ago, I almost lost my life to this disease. My journey has been full of it's ups and downs, twists and turns, yet I would never change it for the world. Because of my eating disorder, I was forced to stop and find my true identity and purpose. Outside of modeling, school, and other achievements. I was lucky to begin discovering my true authentic self.

Currently, I hope to help girls of all ages accept their body and themselves. I hope to share with others my journey and experiences, so that they too can find healing, freedom, joy and peace.


What do you love most about meeting other creators (photographers, models, etc) via instagram?

I love meeting new people! I am a social butterfly, and truly enjoy connecting with people of all backgrounds.

I also love the creativity that comes from working with others. I am constantly inspired by their ideas and dreams.


What inspired you to open up on your social media? How has this helped (or hurt) your journey?

~Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.~ -Brené Brow

Brené Brown has been one of the most influential sources of inspiration in my journey to healing. Over the past five years I have battled my illness as it has attempted to take away my life. I have worked hard to fight my illness, yet I have also worked just as hard to hide it. My close friends and family have been such a beautiful and essential part of my journey, yet I no longer wish to hide this part of my story in shame and secrecy.

Having modeled for many years, I learned that my worth was in my body. I received praise for the thinness of my body, the protrusion of my bones. Yet, for me, these standards were not natural. They were unrealistic and unhealthy for my body and soul.

I chose to open up on social media because I hope to be a different kind of model- a ROLE model for all the girls and boys that have and will battle this illness.  


Do you ever feel the need to “unplug” for you social accounts? If so, what is your favorite way?

YES!!  I try to do so daily. For me, the addiction to validation via social media has been a constant struggle. Yet, I continue to try to refocus and center my mind on what healthy purpose so social media can serve in my life.

My favorite way to unplug is to spend time with my horse or to be out in nature. I love the natural world, it's energy being so healing for my soul.


What advice would you could give someone who is struggling with an eating disorder and doesn't know where to start on their journey to recovery…

Have faith and take things one moment at a time. Often in my recovery, I am forced to take things moment by moment. When I think about the future or the past, I am overwhelmed. Yet, when I am in the present, I feel capable of making the right or healthier choice.


What are your hopes, dreams, ambitions for what lies ahead?!

I would love to continue combining my passions for environmentalism and psychology. I believe nature can be so truly healing for the human spirit and mind. I would love to become a certified horse therapist, to help those struggling with eating disorders, disabilities and ptsd.

In addition, I am working on forming a group called Embodied Women, to help connect women and young girls who struggle with body image. Through this group, I hope to help females create a body positive narrative for their life and future.


What would you define as a “Babe with Coffee” ?

To me being a “babe with coffee” means being a woman or girl whose beauty shines from her soul. To me the most “babely” thing a woman can be is her authentic, real self. I believe that a babe knows her own mind and heart, and works to share this honestly with the world around her.



"It is often so painful and difficult for me to be at a healthy weight, my eating disorder mind berating me for my curves and “imperfections.” Yet, I choose to be stronger than my eating disorder voice. I choose to show up and share the real me to the world" -Ally

 Allison Joseph enjoying an iced americano at  Cafecito Organico  in Costa Mesa, CA

Allison Joseph enjoying an iced americano at Cafecito Organico in Costa Mesa, CA

24 year-old Alison Joseph acts as a breath of fresh air amongst a feed of photoshopped and seemingly “perfect” instagram models. The blonde beauty is using her personal account to speak openly about her struggle with Anorexia Nervosa. Ally, who has battled with the disease for five years, is dedicated to spreading awareness about Eating Disorders through her social media postings. She wants to act as a role model for young women who struggle with body image issues and is using her brains, beauty, and strength to do so.

Ally is our featured writer for our April Coffee Shop! Check out her article on AoSA coffee! 

Thanks for being our babe Ally!