Babes Coffee Now Sold Exclusively by Talia of Fashion Island

If you missed our Coffee Pop Up at Fashion Island this past Sunday, don't fret, Babes! We'll be back soon....and (drum roll, please) you can now purchase all things Babes with Coffee exclusively at Talia of Fashion Island.

This lovely boutique--and its even lovelier proprietor, Talia Hancock--hosted us to serve free coffee at Girl Boss Sunday. 

If you happen to stop by Talia for some shopping, be sure to pick up a bag of our French Babe roast or one of our Coffee Babe caps.

Talia, made in Peru, has some of the softest, cutest pieces we've ever seen. Handcrafted in Peru, all TALIA pieces are made of premium Peruvian pima cotton. Their delicate feel yet durable construction allow the designs to be highly functional and easily cared for.

Nothing in this incredibly chic store is over $100. You can find them at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA. 

Be sure to check out Nalla Swimwear as well. These babes can't wait to enjoy a beautiful SoCal summer with the most versatile swimwear ever: you can go for a hike and then transition to the beach? Just trying to live the California dream here.

Did You Know We Roast Coffee?

We didn't think so, but now you know. ;)

Since we're the Babes with Coffee, we're very serious about good coffee. Right now, we offer two roasts. 

French Babe

French Babe is our chicest blend: a sumptuous French Roast with notes of dark chocolate and black cherry. A lot of our babes pick up on vanilla nuttiness. It's our most popular bean and is an Indonesian Timor Noir sourced from the Estado Village region. Process:  Washed. Elevation:  1200m.

Boho Babe

Boho Babe is our easy-going medium roast with notes of plum, maple syrup, and cacao. It has a rich complexity to it that true coffee fanatics will find compelling. Boho is a Guatemalan Finca el Rincon sourced from the Huehuetenango region. Process:  Washed. Elevation:  1550 - 1700 m.

All of our coffee comes in a 12 oz bag, which produces about 34 cups depending on how strong you brew your coffee. We sell whole beans because they stay fresh longer, but if you need a bag of pre-ground coffee, let us know.

Check out our Coffee FAQs to learn more, and don't forget to pick up your coffee and your coffee babe cap at Talia.

Michelle Hadleytalia