"Live Yes" & Meet our March Babes!

How did you two meet/what inspired each of you to want to “live yes”?

R: Katelyn and I met last year when I decided to “live yes” and move to Nashville, TN! We are actually roommates and were connected through our third roommate, Catherine. My whole life has been based around “living yes” and what inspired me the most are the opportunities that have come from it. Knowing that we both wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t said YES, is what inspires and challenges us everyday.

What drove you to create a blog based around the “live yes” philosophy?

K: I have a lot of thoughts and have always been someone that loves writing and I needed a creative outlet. So I started talking with Rachel and we decided we should join forces and do it together. But we didn’t want to start a blog just to do it. We wanted a concept and a theme that would set us apart from an already saturated market. The idea came one day when Rachel asked if I wanted to go with her to this concert and I was like, “No, I’m too tired and have been working all day. I don’t want to.” But then I thought about it and responded to her and said, “I changed my mind. I want to go. I want to be a yes girl.” The idea just kind of hit us both at once and the rest is history!

Describe a moment in which each of you felt that you were truly “living yes”...

R: There were two distinct times I felt like I was “living yes”. One of them was when I chose to go to school in Alabama after growing up and living in Orange County, CA. I said YES to moving across the country to attend The University of Alabama only to find my red high-top converse freaked people out. I said YES to not moving back home and instead, a new city that I knew a solid 2 people in, Nashville Tennessee (where people thought my red high-tops were sick). In fact, the only reason I went to Nashville the first time was saying YES to a last minute weekend adventure with a friend. I never thought I would call this place my home.

K: My story is very similar to Rachel’s in that I decided to move twelve hours from my home and my family to go to college in Nashville. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the music industry and Nashville was the perfect city to do that in. I was so scared and took a chance moving away from everything I’ve ever known in order to chase my dreams and follow my heart.

How do you feel running the blog has affected/changed your lives?

R: Running the blog has affected our lives in so many ways. Every time we are hesitant to do something even as little as going on a date with a guy, “live yes” is in the back of our heads. What is even cooler is how our blog has changed other’s lives. Since starting the blog we have received numerous messages from people all over the world thanking us for putting “live yes” in their heads because of the opportunities and doors that opened for them.

K: This blog has changed the way I look at every potential situation and opportunity. I have tried to adopt the “live yes” mentality in my decision-making process. I am so young and have so much life ahead of me, so I’m trying to take chances and do as many things as I can while I still have that freedom.

What is your ultimate goal for the “Live Yes” blog? Where would you like to see it going?

K: For me, I want to see how big this thing can get. My goal would be to have it get so big and become a brand, with merchandise and a podcast. The ultimate goal would be to use the blog to travel to new places and speak to crowds as some type of motivational speaker. It hasn’t even been six months since we started and we’ve already had people tell us how their lives have changed for the better, so I want to use that as a driver to keep going and keep impacting lives.

What do YOU define as a “Babe with Coffee”?

K: A babe with coffee is someone who might not always have her shit together but as long as she has a cup in her hand, she knows she’s on the right track.

 Katelyn (left) & Rachel (right) via @liveyes instagram

Katelyn (left) & Rachel (right) via @liveyes instagram



“To live yes means to take chances, do the things you’ve been too afraid to do, chase the dreams you’ve been desperate to chase, and ignore the fears and hesitations that have been stopping you”
 Courtesy of  Live Yes Blog

Courtesy of Live Yes Blog

Meet our March Babes! Rachel Deeb and Katelyn Lester are two young women who are sharing their passion for life through their Instagram and blog  “Live Yes”. The dynamic duo created the platform to inspire others to experience life at its fullest and to say yes to new opportunities. Want to Live Yes? Get to know our Babes!

Meet Rachel!

Lives: Nashville, TN / Age: 22 / Favorite Coffee Shop: Edgehill Cafe (Nashville,TN) / Go-to Order: Chai Tea Latte / Blog Role: Creative Direction (website design, instagram maintenance) 
"Think about how many “coffee meetings” or “coffee dates” you have been on. Coffee not only fuels you for the day, it brings people together!" -Rachel

Meet Katelyn! 

Lives: Nashville, TN / Age: 23 / Favorite Coffee Shop: Starbucks (Nashville,TN) / Go-to Order: Iced Soy Chai with light ice / Blog Role: Writer, Editor, Content Creator

"Coffee basically gives me life on a daily basis. It fuels me at work and when I’m in the middle of writing a blog post, so it is pretty essential to my existence." - Katelyn
 Katelyn (left) & Rachel (right) via @liveyes instagram

Katelyn (left) & Rachel (right) via @liveyes instagram