Sweet as a Rose(nthal)

Love is in the air for our February babe, Alie! The twenty-five year old stunner is an expert on all things beauty, fashion, and romance. She is already making a name for herself working for the major beauty app, Make Up Plus. Alie hopes to find her passions while taking her career in the industry to new heights. 

Get to know our Valentine's Babe!

Describe yourself using the letters L O V E

L- loving

O – original (I hope)

V – vagina lover (NO JK) I’m very Verbal

E – extraverted

First and foremost, how do you take your coffee? 

I take my coffee with a ton of milk, a splash of cream, and an extensive amount of sugar. Basically, I take coffee in (or with?)  my sugar

What is your all time favorite coffee shop?

My absolute favorite coffee shop of all time is called The Love Coffee Bar (as shown in my photos). Other than its unbelievable coffee, the ambiance is so quaint, and I feel like I am at a little coffee shop in Europe.

Tell us about how you started working for makeup plus.

I have always wanted to gain exposure in the fashion industry, I applied to all jobs that were fashion related, that included beauty as well. When I had my interview at my company, I knew it was the right fit. 3 days later, and I got the call.

What have you LOVED most about your job? 

Because the LA office is so small, I have the opportunity to work in every area, giving me more of an idea of what I am truly passionate about. Luckily, I have been given the responsibility of event planning, which has been such a blessing. Throwing events is by far my favorite aspect of what I do.

What does LOVE mean to you?

Love is bringing out the best in each other and pushing the other to be the absolute best person he/she can be. Love is knowing that even when you are apart, your love remains and time does not have an effect on the connection you two have.

How did you spend your Valentine's Day? 

I spent my Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend getting massages at Burke Williams Spa, and then spending the night at a hotel on the beach. We ordered in room service, drank some bubbly, and of course, smoked some ganja ;).. What would Valentine’s Day be without a little Mary J?

What advice would you give to a friend alone on v-day? 

For all you single ladies (or men) out there, gather with your other single friends and party it up… Whether that be going out, staying in and watching a movie, or grabbing your favorite ice cream, you single people must stick together… because soon enough, you won’t be single and those days will be over

Lastly, what would you define as a "babe with coffee"? 

 A babe with coffee is beautiful, a hard worker, and has to run to the bathroom regularly ;)

A big thank you to Alie for agreeing to be our February babe! Like her? Follow her! 

"Love is Love is Love is Love and gender does not play a role in what love truly means. Being gay, I have found that if you have a strong connection with a certain person, whether they be female or male, go for it. You have nothing to lose. Love is Love" -Alie Rosenthal