Drink More KAFFEE

When you think about Germany, the first things that come to mind is probably beer, their world famous "Oktoberfest" and pretzels!  I can almost bet the last thing that comes to mind is coffee or as the Germans say, Kaffee.  But like the majority of Europeans, Germans value a good strong espresso. I know this is a huge shock since most of us assume the Germans wake up and immediately start beer... 

An even more surprising fact for most is that 86% of German adults consume coffee daily which amounts to approximately 150 liters of coffee consumed by each person a year or about 2 and a half cups a day! WOAH KAFFEE SCIENCE. 

Living in Germany gave me the oppurtunity to experience German Kaffee culture first hand, and let me tell you, coffee is as big of a staple in the German diet as it is in Americans.  Wether they were sipping a cup in the underground, at work, at home, in restaurants, or at the park people were drinking it all over and at all hours of the day! 

The German palette is different from Americans. While most Americans prefer Venti sized coffees with syrups and other flavorings, Germans usually take their coffee black with only a little bit of milk and sugar. Which, for someone who doesn't like all those sugary additives worked out WONDERFULLY (cough cough me). 

In America, especially California, you can usually find a Starbucks on every few blocks. Starbucks isn't as common in Germany, which was a major adjustment for yours truly. Luckily I was able to get my morning fix at one of the local bakeries which actually made for a much more quality filled coffee experience. 

Alas, the moral of this story is that coffee, wether in Germany or the US is a cultural necessity! So let us raise our mugs to a good cup of KAFFEE.