Milk & Honey



Macaroons, acai bowls, shaved ice, and double shot espressos find a cozy home at Orange County’s Milk and Honey cafe. Not only does this coffee shop serve up a warm selection of quality brews, but they also offer an eclectic menu fit to anyone's taste. Craving froyo? They have that too!

Dammit, now I want froyo…

For me, Milk and Honey was a no brainer for Babes' first coffee shop feature. I have been hitting up the Costa Mesa location for their famous lavender lattes since I was in high school! So here are a few things you should know about Milk and Honey, complements of the owner himself, Eddie Kye.

What inspired you to open up your own café/coffee shop?

I was a restaurant chef for eight years, drinking coffee everyday, but I really didn’t like going to major coffee chains because of the low quality product. I always wanted my own coffee shop where I could use organic high quality beans and teas.

What is the most rewarding part of running Milk & Honey?

Meeting so many great customers who have become my friends and my employees' friends has probably been the most rewarding aspect! I think after owning a business for so many years, friendship has been the most valuable gain.

We are big fans of your lavender latte! Where did the idea for this drink come from?

Around the time I started my business, there was a lavender hype, and I tried to make a drink of my own! I personally like to add two shots to my lavender latte. I call it a black eye lavender latte.

Your menu offers a “red eye,” which sounds like something I could use after a long flight! What is in this drink, and what inspired the name?

A red eye is a single shot added to the drip coffee. It gets rid of red eyes--haha--very popular during finals week

You incorporate a lot of artists into your shop. Is this something you want to do more of in the future?  (They recently hosted local band “Bad Coffee” and the HB Location)

We will be hosting events in order to promote a lot of live bands, spoken word, and dancing too! Hopefully, we can become more involved in the community and collaborate with other small business so they can succeed as well. We currently have a dozen artists lined up for the rest of winter!

Lastly, what would you define as a Babe With Coffee?

Someone who consistently strives to find the one perfect cup of coffee--better than anything they’ve ever tasted before!


Thank you, Milk and Honey, for letting us feature you!  


Side Note: Every time I go to this cafe, I can't help but sing the Duffy song Syrup and Honey….I can really relate since I spend all my money here haha.  Haven’t heard it ? Check it out!