Babes + Coffee: A Photographer's Dream

Get to know Josiah Davie!

To sum everything up, I am a coffee-addicted-traveling-lifestyle photographer who loves capturing true beauty and, at the same time, drinking great coffee.

~ Josiah Davie, 24, Kansas City

Tell us about how you got into photography?  

The inspiration behind picking up the camera was quite random actually. One day I thought to myself… “hmm...that (photography) looks like fun” and so I bought a cheapo Canon T3 and ran with it!

Tell us about your love for coffee!

To give you a thought of how much I love my coffee.. every time I travel/go to a new place, I ALWAYS have to find the best coffee shop. It's kinda a problem actually (not really). To me, coffee shops create community. I probably have spent one third of my entire life, so far, sitting in a coffee shop.

Favorite coffee shop you’ve been to so far?

Definitely Goat Hill Coffee in Kansas City!

You feature A LOT of photos of women with coffee. We LOVE that! Tell us about why it inspires you?

When it comes to “babes and coffee,” I honestly couldn’t give you a better combination! As a photographer, I work with a lot of models/women. What better place to meet/talk/shoot than a coffee shop?

Ultimate goal for your photography?

I want to inspire others to pursue their passions and dreams through my photography.

Lastly, what would you define as a Babe With Coffee?

I believe everyone is beautiful, so basically anyone with coffee ;)

Thank you Josiah for being our featured photographer!

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Love Coffee? Love Babes? Then you will love this month's featured photographer, Josiah Davie!  Josiah's love of photography began two years ago in Minneapolis when he started taking photos of latte art.
Since then, Josiah has gained an Instagram following of over six thousand people, traveled all over the U.S. shooting, and shared his love of coffee and babes with the world.
Jackie Clark